Bellavista Vineyard

It’s in the Campanha Gaúcha, Candiota, Rio Grande do Sul, that can be found the realization of nearly 20 years of passion that Galvão has built over wines.

From this enthusiasm was born a dream which became reality with Bellavista Estate, a property located in the meeting ground of the New World’s perfect terroir, a strategic region named by Galvão as the “Brazilian California”. There are already 17 vineyards in this new terroir, a 200km extension parallel to the Uruguayan border. It’s along this range that the Campanha Gaúcha is framed as one of the best wine producers of the entire south hemisphere.

Result of a lot of work and dedication, the production derived from Bellavista Estate, now under the supervision of the celebrated Italian winemaker Roberto Cipresso, is considered one of the best in Brazil.

Tuscany, Roberto Cipresso and the Tenuta La Valleta di Sant’Antimo

The Tuscany region in Italy draws attention for its amazing landscapes and diverse gastronomy. The province of Siena and more specifically Montalcino, is a worldwide reference on the production of the wonderful Brunello di Montalcino. In this setting in 2012 was born the first outcome of the alliance between Galvão Bueno and Roberto Cipresso: Bueno La Valletta.

The success of this partnership has resulted in the making of another wine, produced in the Tenuta La Valletta di Sant’Antimo, at the heart of Tuscany along the perfect terroir in terms of land, sun and romance, filled with stories and delightfulness.Cipresso was elected the “Best Italian Oenologist” during the “Wines Oscar 2006”and the “Man of the Year” by Men’s Health in 2008. Besides that, he produced the hand-made Cuvée for the Pope John Paul II.

This partnership worked so well that the both of them released Bueno-Cipresso Brunello di Montalcino, a complex and elegant wine that has a composition refined with the precise terroir of the Tuscan region. Produced exclusively in years when the harvest is considered an exceptional crop, this is a harmonic master piece, vinified and signed with mastership.

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