Bellavista Desirée Brut Rosé


Drawn by the Charmat method, Bueno Bellavista Desirée Brut Rosé sparkling wine has an unprecedented cut of grapes grown in the region of the Campanha Gaúcha. Inspiring amongst those who love each other, it celebrates the lightness of love with winds of eternal romance. Region: Campanha Gaúcha – RS Variety: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon e Petit Verdot


Selection of bunches on table separator;

Press filling with whole red bunches by gravity;

Direct pressing in pneumatic press with 50% performance in must;
Static cold must clarification;

First alcoholic leavening at 13°C a 15°C in stainless steel tank;

Base wine preserved in stainless steel tanks;

Second alcoholic leavening for approximately 30 days in autoclave, Charmat method with temperature control at 14°C a 16°C;

Completed the second leavening, the sparkling wine has matured with autolysis yeast for 2 months granting it fineness and delicacy;

Tartaric cold stabilization followed by filtration;

Isobaric bottling.


Visual Analysis:
Clear onion peel color, elegant crown and fine continuous perlage.

Scent Analysis:
Presents fine and delicate berries’ aroma to the nose, such as: cherry, raspberry and a subtle floral taste.

Taste Analysis:
It is an extremely pleasant sparkling to the mouth with delicate acidity allied to a good smoothness. The aftertaste is refreshing, compelling and persistent.

Service and Harmonization

Excellent as an appetizer, harmonizes perfectly with fishes such as salmon and dogfish. It also goes well with couches and salmon eggs, grated mussels and shellfish.

Serving temperature:
Ideal temperature at 6°C to 8°C.

Recommended glass: Flute.


Region: Campanha Gaúcha – RS

Soil: Sandy clay loam with plain topography

Climate: Warm and sub humid

Varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir

Harvest: Manual and selective


Bellavista Estate

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