Galvão Bueno had the privilege of travelling around the globe for the last 40 years working with sports events. Those were the trips that allowed him to meet and connect with different cultures, customs and flavours.

In countries such as Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, Galvão intensified his contact with the European wine culture and developed a relationship that ended up becoming a brand new passion. In time he improved his sense of taste, tried out different labels, got to know producers and studied different kind of grapes to fully understand how nuances of each wine would differentiate one bottle from another and one harvest from the one before.

This international background lead Galvão to be more interested in the Brazilian wine industry as well. He then got in touch with local producers and decided to merge this new passion with his business life.

The first accomplishment of this mission was a personal choice: a red wine with a Bordeaux cut. Bueno Paralelo 31 was launched together with the sparkling Bueno Cuvée Prestige in 2010. Success came immediately and along with it the stimulus to expand his horizons. Thus, Galvão introduced 2 new labels: Bueno Bellavista Pinot Noir and Bueno Bellavista Sauvignon Blanc.

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